Percko’s added value :

How are Percko products different from other products dedicated to improving posture?

First of all, Percko products are the first textile products for back pain relief to be developed by health professionals.

Traditionally, dorsal supports or support belts support muscles by doing the work for them. This technique turns out to be counterproductive, because by replacing the muscles entirely, it ends up weakening the user’s back.

On the other hand, Percko does not replace your back, but helps it do the work by supporting the whole of the spine, from the pelvis up to the neck.

I have a back problem, can I still wear Percko products?

By developing our product with health professionals, we have made sure that our product can be worn by anyone who wants to adopt a good posture and reinforce their back. Percko products allow you to improve your posture, which in any case, can only have a beneficial effect for your back. However, Percko products can not act as sole treatment if you suffer from a particular illness. We encourage you, in this case, to consult with your doctor to ensure Percko products are adapted to act as a complement for your treatment.

Beware! If your back pains are inflammatory, we encourage you to consult with your doctor.

Is there an ideal age to wear Percko products?

We have developed a product that can apply to anyone, whatever your age or body shape. It is never too early or too late to start correcting your posture and protecting your back.

As of today there is no range for kids. Our sizes usually start with XS or its equivalent.

Are there any electronics in Percko’s products?

No, our products are purely mechanical. The system of tensors and the special, internationally patented, fabric are what stimulates the back and corrects the user’s posture.

Buying a Percko :

What is the expected shipping time?

Shipping should take between 2 and 4 working days. For more information concerning our shipping and return policy, click here.

Can I order a Percko from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to my address?

Percko ships your order to any country in the world, to the address of your choice.

May I return your product?

You have up to 15 days to return a product in order to exchange it or be refunded. For more information on our shipping and return policy, click here.


How long must I wear my Lyne Up for?

It depends on you! Our product has been developed to be worn from once a week to everyday. Of course, the more you wear Lyne Up, the more you will adopt the right posture and therefore strengthen your back.

We would advise that you wear Lyne Up at least 4 times a week.

How do I look after my Lyne Up?

Your Lyne Up is machine washable at 30°C with garments of a similar colour. However, careful as it cannot be put in the tumble dryer.

Will my Lyne Up be visible under my clothes?

Lyne Up second skins are so thin that they will remain invisible under your clothes. The Lyne Up range is available in two colours to help you choose the right model depending on what clothes you are wearing.

Can I wear Lyne Up for sports?

Lyne Up was designed and developed to help you straighten up all throughout the day. It’s Lyne Fit that was specifically developed to accompany your back and protect it from shocks during physical exercise. We therefore advise you to wear Lyne Fit during sports. Discover the Lyne Fit range.


How do I look after my Lyne Fit?

Your Lyne Fit is machine washable at 30°C. However, careful as it cannot be putin the tumble dryer.

Can I wear Lyne Fit outside of sports and exercise?

When you aren’t practicing sports or exercising, we advise you to wear Lyne UP, much more adapted to everyday life activities. Lyne Up will help you adopt a better posture throughout the entire day. Discover the Lyne Up range.

What sports is Lyne Fit most adapted to?

Lyne Fit is most adapted to endurance sports, ideally running and fitness walking, as well as certain team sports with a lot of running (football, hockey…).

Will my Lyne Fit help reduce muscle pain?

The tightly weaved fabric, as well as the tensors, will help slow down the progress of muscle fatigue, and therefore muscle pain.

Will I improve my endurance by wearing Lyne Fit?

Lyne Fit helps improve your respiration, and blood circulation to optimise your endurance. A frequent use of Lyne Fit during physical exercise will allow you to be more at ease over long periods of time, maximising your efforts and improving your endurance. For more information on Lyne Fit, click here.