Because we concentrate on our back when we need it explicitly, we forget the countless moments when we unconsciously neglect our posture. Percko guarantees an ideal posture throughout your day.

François Stevignon / Physical Therapist & Osteopath

The Percko shirt is really interesting for patients suffering from back pain for mechanical reasons. It does not act like a support belt (and therefore does not lead to muscle atrophy), but more like a stimulation that allows patients to reinforce their backs and re-educate themselves progressively. This product is an excellent complement to traditional, physiotherapeutic, or osteopathic care!

Julian Nenninger/ Osteopath
Percko improves posture by automatically realigning head, thorax, and pelvis. It gives back to the spine its natural curves, and increases by at least 35% the stability and efficiency of the wearer’s posture.
Pol LE BORGNE / Doctor in Biomechanics


It was around 2 months ago that I received my 2 Percko shirts. I must say that I do not regret this purchase for a second, even though it does represent an initial investment. My back does not hurt anymore ! I went through a peak of pain during the first two days, a coincidence perhaps, but ever since I have been painless. 2 months later, the improvement is crystal clear. Thank you !


As I work sat down for most of the day, Percko has truly allowed me to regain a healthy posture and relieve my back of its strain. Delivery was on time, and the product was exactly the same as on the photographs. The size guide allowed to choose a shirt that fit me perfectly first time. I highly recommend this product.


Fantastic ! I am a total fan of this product. I’ll buy a second one straight away!Well done team !